The following was the IWCS-5 call for papers.

Submission of full papers

Authors are asked to submit an original paper of maximally 14 pages by October 1, 2002. Files should be prepared with LaTeX and initial submission should be in postscript format. (For accepted papers we will need the LaTeX source code.) The page limit presupposes the standard 11 point Computer Modern font and default LaTeX formatting. All papers will be refereed by the programme committee.

There are two levels of acceptance:

We aim at publishing a selection of accepted papers in book form.

Email your postscript file to .

Submission of poster abstracts

It is also possible to directly submit a 3 page abstract for a flash presentation and a poster session. The abstract should be prepared with LaTeX (11 point Computer Modern, default formatting). Email the resulting postscript file by 1 November 2002.

Final Papers

If your paper is accepted then please send us the LaTeX source of its final version (14 pages, 11pt) before 1 December. For posters we need the LaTeX source of your abstract (3 pages, 11pt) before that date. Please make sure that your code gives a clean LaTeX run without any overfull boxes (up to 3pts is acceptable). Also make sure that we get all files necessary for compiling. Some guidelines for preparing your code are given below, but the main thing is that it should be free of any elaborate LaTeX hacking.

Poster Format

The maximum size of a poster is 1 meter wide and 1.20 meter high. There are no further constrictions on poster design.

Further guidelines

Since we will use the LaTeX source code of accepted papers for producing the proceedings, please help us with the following to keep things technically compatible and also to obtain a minimum of uniformity throughout the collection:


LaTeX links

If you are a newbie to LaTeX, it may be worthwile to check out the LaTeX for Linguists page maintained at Essex. We found it very helpful. The TeX/LaTeX documentation page at Penn is also aimed at linguists and gives sound advice. The archives of the Ling-TeX mailing list contain many useful discussions. General information about TeX and LaTeX can be found in the pages of the TeX Users Group. Style files etc. can usually be found at CTAN. The TeX Catalogue Online is a user-friendly interface to CTAN, with short descriptions of the packages.