Accepted Papers

For the conference, 19 full papers, 3 reserve papers, 19 short papers, and 5 project abstracts have been accepted.

Full Papers

Ian Pratt-Hartmann. From TimeML to Interval Temporal Logic

Raffaella Bernardi, Diego Calvanese and Camilo Thorne. Lite Natural Language

Olga Petukhova and Harry Bunt. A multidimensional approach to multimodal dialogue act annotation

Takashi Koga and Satoshi Tojo. Tense and Aspect in Polymodal Interval Temporal Logic

Claire Gardent. Tree Adjoining Grammar, Semantic Calculi and Labelling Invariants

Harry Bunt and Amanda Schiffrin. Defining interoperable concepts for dialogue act annotation

Derrick Higgins and Jill Burstein. Sentence Similarity Measures for Essay Coherence

Dennis Spohr, Aljoscha Burchardt, Sebastian Pado, Anette Frank and Ulrich Heid. Inducing a Computational Lexicon from a Corpus with Syntactic and Semantic Annotation

Alistair Willis. NP Coordination in Underspecified Scope Representations

Edward Loper, Szu-ting Yi and Martha Palmer. Combining Lexical Resources: Mapping Between PropBank and VerbNet

Ariel Cohen. Anaphora Resolution by Default

Jennifer Spenader and Gert Stulp. Antonymy and Contrast Relations

Stephen Pulman. Formal and Computational Semantics: a Case Study

Marta Tatu and Dan Moldovan. Automatic Discovery of Intentions in Text and its Application to Question Answering

Staffan Larsson. A general framework for semantic plasticity and negotiation

Sylvain Pogodalla. Generalizing a Proof-Theoretic Account of Scope Ambiguity

Glyn Morrill, Mario Fadda and Oriol Valentín. Nondeterministic Discontinuous Lambek Calculus

Rui Chaves. Dynamic Model Checking of Discourse Representation

Philipp Cimiano, Anette Frank and Uwe Reyle. UDRT-based semantics construction for LTAG -- and what it tells us about the role of adjunction in LTAG

Reserve papers:

Laura Kallmeyer and Maribel Romero. Reflexives and Reciprocals in LTAG

David Goss-Grubbs. Models for the Semantic Interpretation of Structured Propositions and Semantic Representations

Del Jensen and Christophe Giraud-Carrier. A Topological Embedding of the Lexicon for Effective Semantic Distance Computation

Short Papers

Jeroen Geertzen. DitAT : a flexible tool to support web-based dialogue annotation

Frederic Landragin. Physical, semantic and pragmatic levels for multimodal fusion and fission

Katrin Erk and Sebastian Pado. Towards a Computational Model of Gradience in Word Sense

Olga Petukhova, Amanda Schiffrin and Harry Bunt. Defining Semantic Roles

Amedeo Cappelli, Valentina Bartalesi Lenzi, Rachele Sprugnoli and Carlo Biagioli. Modelization of Domain Concepts Extracted from the Italian Privacy Legislation

Manuel Alcantara and Thierry Declerck. Shallow Semantic Analysis of ASR Transcripts Associated with Video Shots

Koen Hindriks and Joost Vromans. Design and Evaluation of Formal Representations: An Incremental Approach using Logic Grid Puzzles

Arendse Bernth. Discourse Semantics for Biomedical Information Discovery

Andrej Gardon and Ales Horak. Dolphin a Knowledge base for Transparent Intensional Logic

Dafydd Gibbon, Baden Hughes and Thorsten Trippel. The Computational Semantics of Characters

Matthias Irmer. Discourse Linking by Bridging Anaphora: Clitic Left Dislocation

Livio Robaldo. Dependency Tree Semantics

Ralf Klabunde. Generating Modals

JunPeng Bao, Caroline Lyon and Peter Lane. A Text Annotation Method Based on Semantic Sequence

Scott Piao, Sophia Ananiadou, Yoshimasa Tsuruoka, Yutaka Sasaki and John McNaught. Mining Opinion Polarity Relations of Citations

Markus Guhe. Marking theme and rheme in preverbal messages

Rodrigo Agerri, John Barnden, Mark Lee and Alan Wallington. View Neutral Mapping Adjuncts as Default Rules in Metaphor Interpretation

Manuel Alcantara. Merging Semantics and Prosody to Structure Spoken Language

James Pustejovsky and Marc Verhagen. Constructing Event-based Entity Chronicles

Project Abstracts

Norihiro Ogata, Katsuhiko Yabushita and Yasuo Nakayama. Towards Non-Associative Lambek λ-Calculi of Information Structures: A Project Proposal

Tyler Peterson. Approaches in the Computational Modeling of Correlations between Cognate and Semantic Sets

Raquel Fernández, Andrea Corradini, David Schlangen and Manfred Stede. Towards Reducing and Managing Uncertainty in Spoken Dialogue Systems

Staffan Larsson and Jessica Villing. The DICO project: A Multimodal Menu-based In-vehicle Dialogue System

Václav Novák. Large Semantic Network Manual Annotation