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IWCS-8 2009: Accepted Submissions

A computational account of comparative implicatures for a spoken dialogue agent
  Luciana Benotti and David Traum
A Formal Model for Procedural Texts and its Use in Textual Integration
  Isabelle Dautriche and Patrick Saint-Dizier
A methodological note on the definition of semantic annotation languages (short paper)
  Harry Bunt and Chwhynny Overbeeke
A Multiclassifier based Approach for Word Sense Disambiguation using Singular Value Decomposition
  Ana Zelaia, Olatz Arregi and Basilio Sierra
A novel approach to mapping FrameNet lexical units to WordNet synsets (short paper)
  Sara Tonelli and Emanuele Pianta
A Study of a Segmentation Technique for Dialogue Act Assignation (short paper)
  Carlos-D. Martínez-Hinarejos
An Application of Lexical Semantics Annotation to Question-Answering in e-Farming (project abstract)
  Mukda Suktarachan and Patrick Saint-Dizier
An extended model of natural logic
  Bill MacCartney and Christopher D. Manning
An Extensible Toolkit for Computational Semantics
  Dan Garrette and Ewan Klein
An Ordering of Terms Based on Semantic Relatedness
  Peter Wittek, Sándor Darányi and Chew Lim Tan
Application of Cognitive Strategies to Chinese Noun Classifier E-learning (short paper)
  Wei Ni, Helena Hong Gao and Shixiao Ouyang
Automatic identification of semantic relations in Italian complex nominals
  Fabio Celli and Malvina Nissim
Comparing Alternative Data-Driven Ontological Vistas of Natural History (short paper)
  Marieke van Erp, Piroska Lendvai and Antal van den Bosch
Computing Genitive Superlatives
  Johan Bos
  rodolfo delmonte and emanuele pianta
Concept and Relation Extraction in the Finance Domain (short paper)
  Mihaela Vela and Thierry Declerck
Determining Reliable Discourse Markers for Contrast Relations
  Jennifer Spenader and Anna Lobanova
Developing a Computer-facilitated Tool for Acquiring Near-synonyms in Chinese and English (short paper)
  Shixiao Ouyang, Helena Hong Gao and Soo Ngee Koh
Dialogue Modelling and the Remit of Core Grammar
  Eleni Gregoromichelaki, Andrew Gargett, Ruth Kempson, Yo Sato and Christine Howes
Disambiguating quantifier scope in DTS
  Livio Robaldo and Jurij Di Carlo
Disambiguation of Polysemous Verbs for Rule-based Inferencing
  Fabienne Martin, Dennis Spohr and Achim Stein
Flexible Semantic Composition with DUDES (short paper)
  Philipp Cimiano
Formal and Computational Semantics: a Procedural View (short paper)
  Gregory Marton
Formalisation of Intensionality as Algorithms (project abstract)
  Roussanka Loukanova
GLML: Annotating Argument Selection and Coercion
  James Pustejovsky, Jessica Moszkowicz, Olga Batiukova and Anna Rumshisky
Identifying the Epistemic Value of Discourse Segments in Biology Texts (project abstract)
  Anita de Waard, Paul Buitelaar and Thomas Eigner
Inference Rules for Recognizing Textual Entailment
  Georgiana Dinu and Rui Wang
Inferences on regions in semantic space
  Katrin Erk
Qualia Based Lexical Knowledge for the Disambiguation of the Japanese Postposition `No' (short paper)
  Sumiyo Nishiguchi
Semantic annotations as complimentary to underspecified semantic representations
  Harry Bunt
Semantic Argument Structure in DiscoursE: The SEASIDE project (project abstract)
  Caroline Sporleder
Semantic interpretation of Dutch spoken dialogue (short paper)
  Jeroen Geertzen
Semantic Normalisation : a Framework and an Experiment
  Paul Bedaride and Claire Gardent
The NOMAGE Project Annotating the semantic features of French nominalizations (project abstract)
  Antonio Balvet, Pauline Haas, Richard Huyghe, Anne Jugnet and Rafael Marín
Towards a Cognitive Approach for the Automated Detection of Connotative Meaning
  Jaime Snyder, Michael A. D'Eredita, Ozgur Yilmazel and Elizabeth D. Liddy
Towards a Multidimensional Semantics of Discourse Markers in Spoken Dialogue
  Volha Petukhova and Harry Bunt
Towards Acquisition of Taxonomic Inference (short paper)
  Piroska Lendvai
Towards an Analysis of Opinions in News Editorials: How positive was the year? (project abstract)
  Bal Krishna Bal
Understanding Mental States in Natural Language
  Wei Chen
Using English for commonsense knowledge
  Allan Ramsay and Debora Field
Well-formed Default Unification in Non-deterministic Multiple Inheritance Hierarchies (short paper)
  Christian Schulz, Jan Alexandersson and Tilman Becker

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